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Choose an extension and then book a call to go through the options in order to confirm the outline design. We will then prepare a detailed proposal with an estimate of the build costs, plus details of design fees, applications and anticipated timescales.

5-day turnaround

If you decide to go ahead with your extension proposal, we aim to get the first draft of your drawings returned in just 5 working days (from the survey). Our unique method of working, enables us to produce drawings very quickly and at extremely competitive prices.

One-stop solution

We deal with all applications on your behalf and can work with selected local builders to provide a complete ‘one-stop’ solution. In most cases, the builder who prices your initial extension will be the one doing the work and we will liaise with them throughout the process.

Advantages of using Steel

☑ we use recycled steel in producing our structures, hence reducing the carbon footprint of our factory.
☑ the regularity of structural elements guarantees quality finishes.
☑ the modularity of structures creates the support for other prefabricated materials.
☑ lightweight structural elements, thus no need for lifting equipment.
☑ material wastage is reduced, hence reducing overall costs.
☑ the insulation is much improved.
☑ higher seismical resistance, thus increased safety.
☑ the final price is a quarter lower than the price of classic construction.
☑ Steel frames can withstand strong winds and floods.
☑ Steel has total uniform quality so it makes for straight walls and consistent performance.
☑ It won’t rot, decay, or absorb moisture. It doesn’t swell, shrink or warp.
☑ And also unlike wood for example, there is virtually no wastage. What tiny amount there is (less than 1%), is recycled.
☑ Steel is the strongest readily-available construction material and the best value around
☑ Steel frames are faster to put up than timber or masonry. Much faster without compromising quality.
☑ You don’t have to wait for a steel frame to settle. As soon as it’s up, the building work can continue.